About Our Family




AGE: 37

LIKES: Being with my kids, cooking, baking, taking photos, traveling

DISLIKES:  Listening to baby shark 24/7


NAME: J’den

AGE: 5 years old

LIKES: I love my family! Anything to do with cars and trucks. Playing outside. Meeting other kids and making new friends. I love to paint & color. I have Autism so it’s kind of hard for me to learn and comprehend certain things, but I am very bright (my mom says so).

DISLIKES: When my sister plays with my toys. When my sister eats my food. When my sister gets all the attention


NAME: Amaya

AGE: 21 months

LIKES: I love anything my brother does. I look up to him. Mommy sometimes gets mad when I mimic my brother but I can’t help it, he’s my big brother! I love to sing and dance. My current favorite songs are ABC’s and Baby Shark. For some reason baby shark drives my mom crazy ((shrugs)).

DISLIKES: When my mom doesn’t let me get my way. I’m the princess of the family what gives!