Celebrating Black History Month

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate and educate your young ones about Black History Month then below you will find some videos, worksheets, and book suggestions I recommend for kids.

First up I wanted to give my kids a little introduction into what exactly Black History Month is. So I showed them an age appropriate PBS Kids video explaining what is it and how it got started (see video below).

Secondly, TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS is a great resource for finding lots of worksheets & activities for Black History Month for FREE.

Just search for your kids age group and type in the search box ‘Black History Month’. A lot of free worksheets will come up.  I decided to pick a few and work on it with the kids.



Another way we celebrate is reading books about African culture. The first book we read is called ‘The Water Princess’ by Susan Verde.  As told through the eyes of a young girl living in West Africa where clean drinking water is scarce.  Something we take for granted others are struggling to receive. A great story with vibrant illustrations this book was suggested by our local library. The kids loved it!



How are you celebrating Black History Month?




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